SMB shares provide Windows clients network access Creates a node pool by specifying the LNNs of three nodes to be included. Displays global audit settings configured on the EMC Isilon cluster. SMB shares and NFS exports on the secondary Isilon need to be configured correctly to make sure that (after you make the data accessible in step 1) your clients can actually access it. Clears rules for a quota and uses system notification settings. Isilon will give out an IP based on what connection algorithm you have selected. Run the isi config command, The command-line prompt changes to indicate that you are in the isi config subsystem. More SSIPs provide redundancy and reduce failure points in the client … * –recursive yes. I the client mount by UDP, I think they will be missed unless they are constantly checking and the client does IO during one of your runs of this command. Displays a list of possible use cases for drives. Lists SSD compatibilities that are available, but not yet created. isi job jobs start DomainMark –root /ifs/data/smartlock –dm-type Worm, isi worm domains modify /ifs/data/SmartLock/prod_dir \  –default-retention 1Y. Deletes a file committed to a WORM state. isi storagepool nodepools modify PROJECT-TEST –lnns 3-4, 11. file sharing, NFS for UNIX file sharing, secure shell (SSH), FTP, and HTTP. isi storagepool nodepools create PROJECT-TEST –lnns 1,2,3. Not sure if virtual install would have same. View the amount of disk space that you are currently saving with deduplication. Modify the name and expiration date of a snapshot. isi network groupnet modify ProdGroupNet \ –add-dns-servers= –dns-options=rotate, Modifies ProdGroupNet to support a second DNS server and to enable rotation through the configured DNS resolvers. Displays the settings of the default export. Deletes a policy called HolidayVirusScan. isi hdfs racks delete /hdfs-rack2 –zone=ProdZone. Updates the priority and impact policy of an active job. OneFS enables SMB2 clients to access symbolic links in a seamless manner. isi ndmp users modify NDMPuser –password=5678. OneFS includes a configurable SMB service to create and manage SMB shares. isi network subnets modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX \ –vlan-enabled=true –vlan-id=256. isi hdfs proxyusers view hadoop-HDPUser –zone=ProdZone. If the user security mode is enabled, users who connect to a share from an SMB client must provide a valid user name with proper credentials. /ifs directory is configured as an SMB share and is enabled by default. View NDMP restartable backup contexts that have been configured. Modify the settings of a replication policy. Assess the amount of disk space you will save by deduplicating a directory. To view a list of privileges for another user. … Deletes a performance rule with an ID of bw-0. isi snapshot aliases delete { | –all} [–force] [–verbose]. List of clients waiting to place a Network Lock Manager (NLM) lock on a currently locked file. Enables both encryption and compression of cloud data. Deletes the virtual HDFS rack named /hdfs-rack2 from the ProdZone access zone. Displays or prints the kernel mapping database. Improves logging of failed SMB logins to help debug authentication issues. isi storagepool compatibilities ssd active delete 1. iprange int-b That shows you outbound SMB connections, those that your machine is acting as a client on. Generates a new master encryption key for data to be archived to the cloud. isi job jobs modify 7 –priority 3 –policy medium. That is it. Displays a list of job types and default settings. Identify the name of the channel that you want to view. Designates hadoop-HDPUser in ProdZone as a new proxy user. isi ndmp settings global modify service=no, isi ndmp settings diagnostics view [–format {list | json}], isi ndmp users create NDMPuser –password=1234. Run the commit command to complete. Displays general cluster statistics & op rates for supported protocols, network & disk traffic. Displays identity mapping settings in an access zone. Affected Services Port Service Protocol Connection Type FTP 20 ftp-data TCP, IPv4, IPv6 External, Outbound FTP 21 ftp TCP, IPv4, IPv6 External, Inbound SSH 22 … Continue reading Isilon Port Usage → You can create and manage SMB shares within access zones. Modify the expiration date of a snapshot lock. isi job jobs modify Collect –priority 3 –policy medium. isi network pools modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX.pool3 –name=ProdPool1. Additional detail is available in the Isilon Security Configuration guide on Dell EMC’s support site. Lists the permissions that a user has to access a given file or directory. Creates a snapshot alias for Weekly-01-30-2017. Storage Performance Benchmarking with FIO, How to scrub/zero out data on a decommissioned VNX or Clariion, Collecting info on active shares, clients, protocols, and authentication on the VNX, Mutiprotocol VNX File Systems: Listing and counting Shares & Exports by file system, Testing Disaster Recovery for VDM’s and CIFS servers, Use the CLI to determine replication job throughput, Celerra data mover performance and port configuration, The steps for NFS exporting a file system on a VDM, VNX Block and File Password Change Procedure, Creating an NFS export from a file system on a Virtual Data Mover (VDM), How to reserve a Celerra / VNX NAS share for a single file type or group of file types, Easy File Extension filtering with EMC Celerra, Changing the Login banner on a Celerra / VNX File control station, A guide for troubleshooting CIFS issues on the Celerra, Archiving NAZ and NAR files from EMC VNX and Clariion arrays, Generating and installing SSL requests, keys, and certificates on EMC ECS, Matching LUNs and UIDs when presenting VPLEX LUNs to Unix hosts, Using isi_vol_copy_vnx for VNX to Isilon data migration, Diving in to Isilon SyncIQ and SnapshotIQ Management, VNX NAS Files incorrectly report as Locked for Editing, Frequent 0x622 and 0x606 errors in the SP Event Logs, Can’t join CIFS Server to domain – sasl protocol violation, Celerra / VNX File replication job creation errors when selecting destination, DM Interconnect failure with Celerra Replicator, Celerra Disk Provisioning Wizard incorrectly believes there are not enough drives available for provisioning, Rescan Storage System command on Celerra results in conflict:storageID-devID error, VMWare/ESX can’t write to a Celerra Read/Write NFS mounted datastore, VPLEX Unisphere Login hung at “Retrieving Meta-Volume Information”, Errors when creating new replication jobs, Dynamic allocation pool limit has been reached, Close requests fail on data mover when using Riverbed Steelhead appliance, Problem with soft media errors on SSD drives and FastCache. isi audit settings global modify –config-auditing-enabled=yes. Displays information about running replication jobs targeting the local cluster. OneFS supports both user and anonymous security modes. Enables a performance rule with an ID of bw-0.. isi sync rules modify bw-0 –enabled false. Creates a Microsoft Azure cloud storage account. Displays the names and descriptions of job impact policies. Creates a manual mapping between a source identity and target identity. isi devices drive firmware update start all –node-lnn all. isi cloud archive /ifs/data/shared/images/*. isi sync reports subreports list dailySync 1, isi sync reports subreports view dailySync 1 2. ... SmartConnect Multi-SSIP is not an extra layer of load balancing for client connections. SMB shares provide Windows clients network access to file system resources on the cluster. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. modifies a CloudPool named c_pool_azure, removing its cloud storage acct. Changes the LNN when specified. With an EMC Isilon cluster, you can store data on an enterprise storage platform with your existing workflows and standard protocols, including SMB, HTTP, FTP, REST, OpenStack Object Storage (Swift), and NFS as well as HDFS. creates a SyncIQ domain for /ifs/data/source. isi hdfs racks view /hdfs-rack2 –zone=ProdZone. isi network pools view ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1. isi audit settings global modify [–protocol-auditing-enabled {yes | no}]. Formats a drive so you can add it to a node. Deletes the pool name ProdPool1 from ProdGroupNet.subnetX. If the ACL contains any inheritable access control entries (ACEs), a new ACL is generated from those ACEs. Modify the advanced settings for an Active Directory provider. Update the drive firmware for your entire cluster.

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